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Pu Trolley Luggage Sets Pricing Slovenia

Pu Trolley Luggage Sets Pricing Slovenia

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Pu Trolley Luggage Sets Pricing Slovenia Key Specifications/Special Features:

Color:Red , Black, Gray, silver, blue, pink, purple or as customer requirements.
Sample:1 week, and freight and sample charge need to be paid by clients.
Sample lead time:1.For existing samples - 1-7 days
2.For customized samples - Around 7-15 days
Deliver lead time:Customized designs are about 40-70 days. Our own designs are about 40-60 days. It depends on your quantity.
Certificate:ISO 9001/Walt Disney/FAMA/Walmart/SA-8000/BSCI.We can make goods according to clients' requirements that need to pass different certificates
Packing:PP bags + Cartons
MOQ:500 sets
Payment terms:T/T, LC at sight
Shipping port:Shanghai, China
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