How To Install Observium on CentOS 7

This article I’ll will explain how to install Observium on CentOS 7 to collect usage metrics from Linux and Windows machines via SNMP protocol.

Observium is an open source network monitoring tool for operating systems and network hardware. It supports Linux and Windows operating systems and network hardware like Cisco, HP and many more devices.

Install and Configure MariaDB

Observium needs LAMP stack, so we install first MariaDB (a fork of MySQL) as database server.

Once the MariaDB installation is complete, run mysql_secure_installation command to secure the database server.

Create Database for Observium

Login to MySQL:

Create the database for Observium with the following information:

DB Name: observiumdb
User Name: observiumuser
DB Password: observiumpassword

Install and Configure Apache

Install Apache server and PHP packages using the following command:

Set time zone in php.ini file.

date.timezone = Europe/Amsterdam

Install and Configure Observium

Download the latest community version of Observium to the /opt directory.

Extract the downloaded archive file using the tar command:

Copy the default configuration file:

Edit the config file:

Update the database information:

Create rrd and logs directory:

Set ownership:

Create Apache configure file for Observium Web Interface:

Add the following configuration details to the above file. Change the server name ( as with your requirement:

Restart Apache services:

Run the below command to insert the initial MySQL scheme:

Add a user for accessing the Observium portal:


Username: admin
Password: pass

Level 10 of Access is the highest (Full privileges).


Allow Apache web server through the firewall so that user can able to access Observium portal from external machines:

Access Observium

Open a browser and navigate it to the below URL:

  • http://observium.domain.local
  • http://fully-qualified-domain-name
  • http://IP address

Log in using the user we created few steps back. In my case, the username is admin, and the password is pass.

After successful login, you would get the Observium dashboard:

Post Setup

Once the Observium setup is complete, perform the below steps:

Add the below information to the config.php file:

Create the cronjob information so that automatic discovery and polling for newly added devices can happen automatically:

After added some devices:

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