Gathering Installed Software Using PowerShell

If there is one thing an administrator finds themselves doing, it is probably determining what software is installed on their system. It could be simply for just knowing what they have installed, or determining if some software installed may have vulnerabilities which are fixed via a security update or performing an audit for software (which may not have been approved to be installed). Either way, having a means to locate this software can be difficult if you do not have tools like SCCM or another third-party tool available to perform this type of audit.

PowerShell can help us in gathering the software on a local or remote system by giving us a couple of different options to perform the software gathering. One is through WMI and another is by looking in the registry.

Boe Prox from MCPMag writes a very nice PowerShell function that gathering installed software on a computer. His script digging into the registry to pull information about installed software.

PowerShell function

Save the function above to Get-Software.psm1 and save it to C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\Get-Software:

With the function above, you can use it by either calling it by name which will allow it to query the local machine that is running the code, or by using the -Computername parameter.


News Source: MCPMag

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