21st April 2019
  • PowerShell

    Managing Windows License Key with PowerShell

    With WMI you can get extensive information about Windows licenses and license status. One of the WMI classes used by Windows licensing is called “SoftwareLicensingService“. It can provide you your Windows license number. The same [...]
  • PowerShell

    How To Create ASCII Art with PowerShell

    You can do funny things PowerShell. With a few lines of PowerShell code you can turn any image into ASCII art. With the PowerShell function below you simply load the image, then it will scan [...]
  • PowerShell

    Retrieving process list and owner name remotely

    In this article I’ll show you how to retrieve a process list with owner name remotely. I assume that most administrators are familiar with the PowerShell Get-Process cmdlet. One of  the Get-Process parameter is “IncludeUserName“. [...]